IWD as a holiday makes sense, it is celebrated in 20 countries around the world

According to a survey by the STEM / MARK agency, more than a quarter of people celebrate this holiday in some way. But people have different attitude to this holiday. While for the older generation IWD is associated with the previous regime, the youngest generation often has no idea what to imagine. Probably most men take the holiday as an opportunity to give a flower or a small gift, and women, in the role of a gifted person are pleased.

International Women’s Day is celebrated in more than 20 countries around the world and is recognized as an official national holiday in, for example, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, Cuba and Ukraine, Russia and Vietnam. It is also a national holiday in China, Nepal and Madagascar, but only for women, not for men.

In Poland, Slovakia, Macedonia, Brazil it is celebrated in the same way as in our country, this holiday is also very popular in Croatia, Serbia and Georgia. Germany celebrates in the same way as us, but Berlin voted IWD as a national holiday so Berliners have time off. In the USA, International Women’s Day was celebrated only until the beginning of the First World War and gradually receded into the background, Mother’s Day is more popular. 

The typical flower for MDŽ in Italy is yellow mimosa, in France women most often receive a bouquet of violets or lilies of the valley. Women in Portugal celebrate this day at night of March 7-8, when they go to parties and dinners, but without men. And they have two holidays in Vietnam – they celebrate March 8 and October 20 is Vietnam Women’s Day.

Russia celebrates IWD as a national holiday, men buy huge bouquets for women, companies organize celebrations, and school parties. Revenues associated with the IWD celebrations can be compared to the American ones during St. Valentine’s Day. In Russia, there is even a list of inappropriate gifts (taboo is cheap jewelry, gym season tickets, kitchen utensils or underwear).

In China, International Women’s Day is also a national holiday, during which women receive a special gift from employers – only half a day off, which only few women take advantage of. The younger girls officially celebrate Girls’ Day, which falls on March 7.

Tips for gifts that children can make (and have fun)

Which gift will please you the most? The one from children. The production will entertain children and mothers and grandmothers will certainly be thrilled by such a gift. And it’s not difficult.

3D picture peacock – all you need is a quarter, strips of colored paper, glue and watercolors, crayons or markers. If you have extra glitter, it will be even more fun for children.

Flower pot sticks – if you put leaves pressed to dry in your books in the fall, they will come in handy now. You also need skewers, paper, glue, beads for eyes or you can also paint them. 

Pasta beads – tubes (penne, cannelloni, knees) are suitable, in the pantry you will probably find other shaped noodles – animals (they are usually colored), wheels, rings, etc. Then all you need is a string and that´s it. 

Potato animals – the base is potatoes, legs, horns and thorns are made from toothpicks, eyes from cloves, for example, we can also use pasta, which will serve as ears or fur, and if we have feathers and hairy wires, we have a bonus. 

Penguins – we need carrots, mozzarella balls, olives, cherry tomatoes and toothpicks. The carrot wheels serve as a base. We cut out a triangle for his beak and put it in an olive, stick it on a toothpick, then stick an halfcut cherry tomato, mozzarella and stick it into the base. Instead of olives, you can also use grapes (without a beak) for the head.