Early childhood is a time of rapid learning and development. Young children are developing physically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally. All these areas are related to and dependent on one another and all children are naturally curious and eager to learn. Purposeful play is another important way in which children learn: as children play, they clarify information integrating ideas from their previous experiences, and explore their environment. At Florentinum  British Nursery & Preschool we provide an optimal emotional and physical environment which will allow children’s natural curiosity to flourish through both learning and playing.

Our Early Years Curriculum is based on the best international practice. We use the most advanced study programmes based on the combination of the two curricula: British Curriculum – The Early Years Foundation Stage and the Czech Curriculum Framework. This combination allows us to develop pupils’ skills in critical and reflective thinking, decision-making, problem solving, and independent learning. Our bilingual classrooms will develop your child’s home language alongside the English Language with a multi-sensory active learning approach, so that your child will be able to develop the potential and skills needed to become a competent life-long learner both inside the Czech Republic and internationally.

Pupils may bring their own meals or be included in our catering plan and get freshly cooked meals every day. The school is secured by a locked door and surveillance equipment located by the entrance to the premises and local security guard.