(2 years old)

The programme is designed with the understanding that this may be a child’s first school experience, so the environment for our youngest learners is carefully ordered and flexibly structured. The classroom is filled with a variety of learning tools, practical life materials and other educational resources.

Teachers follow the bilingual language literacy curricula and a thematic curriculum. Speaking English is encouraged through the variety of activities and daily instruction. Expressive arts and design involves enabling children to explore a wide range of media and materials and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings thought art, music, dance and technology.

(3 years old)

Children who turn three years old will be placed with Preschool.

Here, the child’s knowledge and skills are strengthened and applied at a higher level, since between the ages of three and five most children further develop their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social skills. Pupils who have been with us from the previous year become more confident as bilingual speakers of English and Czech as this level focuses largely on language mastery as well as effective social interaction. The learning environment for this group includes books, games, puzzles and class projects, as well as workbooks. Music, physical activities, art, storytelling, and free exploration still play a large role in the four year old classrooms.

(4-6 years old)

Children who turn four years old will be placed with Reception class. This programme follows a combination of two curricula – UK Early Years Foundation Stage (Statutory Framework for EYFS, 2016) and The Czech Curriculum Framework.

The thematic approach also includes elements of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), which helps children learn about different countries and cultures. We can safely say that when a pupil completes the TIELC program, she or he will have not only met, but exceeded the requirement for first grade entrance in any public or private international school in Prague or abroad.

We design the learning space provided for a kindergarten child to satisfy creativity, curiosity, knowledge and abilities of our four to six year olds. Children will build upon the knowledge gained in their previous school years and expand their knowledge of academic subjects while exploring the world around them. Specialist teachers provide advice and learning support where necessary including extra language support (EAL) and Special Needs Support (SNS).


We provide professional childcare for newborns on up, full-time help for parents working from home.

Each child is matched with a nanny who is responsible for creating a daily routine, meeting the child's needs, and working closely with the parents. Activities are carefully prepared to appeal to the interests of babies and toddlers, extend their horizons and stimulate their development, creating a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere in which children will thrive.

All nannies are experienced and have good references.