We pay enormous attention to personal data handling and we take a responsible attitude to its protection in order to avoid any illegitimate breach of the privacy of our clients. We would like to use these principles to inform you on what personal data we gather, for what purpose we do so and from which sources it is collected, the way it is processed and protected, with whom it is further shared and what are your rights in respect of the personal we process.

Any our activities undertaken in the field of personal data processing are governed by the valid legal regulation, our internal standards, registration with personal data protection authority and these principles.


What data we process

Children records (kindergarten register) as defined by the section 28 of the Act No. 561/2004 Coll., School Act and Decree No. 364/2005 Coll. on school and educational institution documentation.

Data given in the injury log according to the Decree No. 64/2005 Coll., on registration of injuries of children, pupils and students.

Kindergarten presentations such web sites of the kindergarten (, kindergarten newsletter, official social network kindergarten profile,, kindergarten promotional activities, information on kindergarten activities.

Consent to the processing of personal data

Personal data is provided on purely voluntary basis but it is necessary for our kindergarten to be able keep records as required by legal regulations, to provide for its statistic processing as necessary for the elaboration of reports required by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Education, i.e. as inevitable for the kindergarten to be able to operate.

We gather and process personal data in particular based on so called legal licence, i.e. for instance based on the requirement of the section 28 of the School Act. It is used for the purposes of the maintenance of the kindergarten register and, generally, to meet obligations prescribed by legal regulations but also for instance for the purpose of preparation of reports required by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Education. The processing of such data is not subject to your consent.

Where such consent is required, we process personal data exclusively subject to your consent. The consent may be withdrawn by written notice, in full extent or partly depending on nature of such consent or nature of personal data.

What personal data we collect

We collect the personal data from you (in the process of the on-line registration and signature of the contract with the kindergarten).

From other subjects where so required by a special legal regulation or, as the case may be, from public lists and registers.

With whom we share the data

We process the personal data mostly on our own.

The personal data may be made available also to third parties: government agencies and other institutions in the framework of our mandatory obligations, to processors who provide us with services in connection with the exercise and fulfilment of mandatory and contractual rights and obligations (e.g. maintaining database for the preparation of reports).

Some data is provided to third parties in the framework of kindergarten events for instance to children accommodation facilities but always in necessary extent, only, and for the purpose of procurement of educational aids for the kindergarten.

It may be shared with other subjects but only subject to your consent.

Method of personal data processing, term of retention

We process the personal data in both manual and automated way in electronic information systems. As long as in such systems, the data is protected against any illegal intervention, loss, destruction or abuse and all people who may get in touch with such data are bound by non-disclosure agreements.

We keep the personal data only for necessary period of time.


While browsing our web sites, we record your IP address, how long you stay on the page and from which site you come from. We view the use of cookies to measure site traffic and customize your website views as our legitimate interest because we believe we can offer you even better services.

Our website can also be browsed in a mode that does not allow for the collection of personal data. You can disable the use of cookies on your computer.

Your rights and obligation related to personal data

Should you be interested in provision of information on personal data that is processed in respect of you, contact us sending a letter to the following address: Private kindergarten – The International Early Learning Centre – Prague s.r.o., Na Florenci 2116/15, 110 00 Prague 1 or to our e-mail, address:

If you believe that your personal data we process is incorrect with regard to the purpose of such processing, do not hesitate to contact us and ask explanation or request correction of such data.

You may also address the Personal Data Protection Authority at pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Prague 7.


This Personal Data Protection Policy is valid from 25. 5. 2018.

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