We are a cohesive group of professionals committed to providing your children with an effective, positive and safe learning environment. All of the teachers are fully qualified preschool and nursery teachers from the Czech Republic and abroad. All staff members pass regular medical checks; we also carry out police screening on everyone working within the school. All teachers are either bilingual or native English speakers. They engage in regular training and development ensuring they are up-to-date with the latest methods and curriculum changes. In addition, some staff members had passed First Aid Training and have valid First-Aid Certificates.

In addition to qualified Class Tutors, we employ a bilingual Teacher Assistant, a Teacher Aide, Art and Music teachers, and a professional Physical Education and Gymnastics Instructor. We also collaborate with a child psychologist, a speech therapist, as well as other medicine and education specialists.

Ms. Klára Grunsberg M.S.

Head of Preschool and Nursery
Having graduated from Charles University in 2001, Ms. Grunsberg has extensive experience with educational start-ups. She is the co-founder of such schools as the Christian International School of Prague and some other Preschools in Prague.

Ms. Grunsberg leads and coordinates our Czech Programme ensuring that the pupils master the Czech Curriculum Framework component of our scheme of work.

As Head of Preschool, Ms Grunsberg oversees the day-to-day operations. She hires and manages teachers and other members of staff and is in charge of student enrolments. Ms. Grunsberg is also responsible for the School’s financial planning and marketing.

Ms. Elizabeth Polak

Head Teacher - Group I.
Ms. Polak holds a degree in Education and has many years of teaching experience both in Prague and the US. She has always had an affinity for small children and enjoys getting to know them, so she can help them learn in a way that is natural and fun.

She brings to the classroom a love of books and music and does not mind getting messy with the children. As an experienced mother, she directs her students with wisdom and loving care.

Ms. Soňa Podsedníková

Group Tutor - Group I.
Ms. Podsedníková takes care of our youngest kids. She is a qualified medical nurse and a professional care provider. She had worked for two and a half years as youth and adult educator in social care institutes, for five years as a hospital attendant with the elderly in nursing homes and for many years as a voluntary personal assistant for disabled people.

Soňa has five years of teaching experience as an educator in the kindergarten and school for special children and as a teacher. Among the courses that Ms. Podsedníková completed successfully are: “Nursing techniques for handicapped people”, "Charity and social care”, the “First Aid for Children” course organised by Red Cross and a number of others.

Mr. Leonardo Valverde

Group Tutor, Sports Coordinator - Group II.
Mr. Leonardo Valverde holds a Master’s degree in Linguistics and is now doing a research as a PhD candidate at Charles University, also in Linguistics with a focus on Phonetics and Phonology.

He was trained in Language Acquisition and has been working in teaching English since his bachelor’s. In the city of Rio de Janeiro he had taught at the City College for eight years. However, most of Leonardo’s experience comes from teaching language skills to the children of preschool age. Over the period of fifteen years, he has worked for Bar-Ilan School and Eliezer School (both in Brazil) and later in the Czech Republic.

Leonardo works for us on a full time basis teaching English, Numeracy and Sports to the children.

Ms. Rebekah L. Šrámková

Group Tutor - Group III.
Ms. Rebekah holds a degree in English Language and Literature from Lee University (Tennessee, USA) and a Montessori certificate from North American Montessori Center (Canada). With over 12 years teaching experience on three continents, she loves children of all ages, but especially enjoys working with 3-6 year olds.

Experience teaching in a few countries, and among international settings in Prague, has deepened Ms. Rebekah’s love for multicultural and multilingual students. She strives to incorporate world culture, stories, and traditional arts into her lessons to germinate in her students an early love of the world and all its inhabitants.

Ms. Therese Siewe

Tutor’s Assistant
Ms. Siewe is a certified medic and a caregiver who worked with seniors as well as with children first in Cameroon and later in Prague and in Paris where Therese upgraded her education.

Having started her career in Medicine, Therese gradually shifted to Early Childhood Education and gained considerable experience working with children. We consider her medical background a serious advantage and a great addition to our team.

Therese works as Tutor’s Assistant and her duties include food distribution, taking care of children during outside walks and working as a supply teacher at times.

Ms. Olga Krizek

School Professional Consultant
Ms. Krizek is a graduate from the University of Brighton and the Unversity of Plymouth. Her specialisation is Psychology and Councelling. She has been working as a Specialist Language Teacher and a Class Teacher in London lately.

Ms. Krizek’s contribution to our team will help us address the developmental needs of all pupils and deliver a comprehensive school program encouraging all student’s academic, personal and social development.


We employ highly professional teachers and teacher aides.  Although we all have different teaching styles, strengths, and approaches, it is vital that all our staff share the same key values, have a consistent and shared understanding of the concept of education and are keen on promoting learning.  We are responsible for providing the guidance, support and expertise necessary for the best learning to take place and should enable our pupils to become active learners, life-long learners and successful learners.

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If our values inspire you, please send us your application for any open position that applies to your professional focus and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Mgr. Klára Grunsberg Head of Preschool and Nursery

We do not discriminate against individuals on the basis of their race, ethnic origin, gender, religion, age or disability.

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