The Czech component of our programme is taught to those children whose parents want them to follow the National Curriculum Framework and master the Czech language alongside English. It covers all the child competencies required for Czech children of 2-6 years old. It also offers after-school lessons for those of our foreign pupils who wish to further study Czech.

The module consists of integrated thematic teaching units which cover multiple subject areas. Individual teaching units contain materials from the areas of Biology, Psychology and Social Science. Themes of individual units are related to the theme of the school year.

The core programme is supplemented with such disciplines as Speech Therapy, Physical Education, and Ecology that help children develop specific skills. In the classroom, children are introduced not only to useful information but also positive values and concepts such as teamwork, sharing and tolerance, and are taught to develop an independent point of view.

Teaching units are available for review in the school classroom. Every teacher maintains a portfolio for each child, including classwork, drawings, projects, a video recording and teacher comments. Instruction, educational strategy and teaching methods are evaluated continuously throughout the year.