our aims and values 

Our aim is to promote the healthy development of the children in our care by providing a happy, secure and stimulating environment where children have their social and emotional needs met. We offer a wide range of activities to encourage intellectual, emotional, physical and social development. We believe in providing a balance of adult directed and child initiated learning opportunities. We provide education in Czech and in English, seeking to meet the Early Learning Goals outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stages. We aim to make the children ready to succeed in school, whether they choose a Czech school or an international one. 

We value:

Kindness, tolerance. We treat the children with kindness and help them learn to be kind to others. We address situations where children experience unkindness.

Respect for others. We celebrate the rich cultural diversity at Florentinum Preschool and help children learn to show respect for teachers, classmates, and even the school property.

Independence. We encourage children to do more and more tasks on their own, as their skills develop. We rejoice in seeing their confidence increase as they are able to care for themselves and help others.

Multilingualism. Most of our children are learning a new language with us, whether it be English or Czech, or both. We have lots of experience with language acquisition and can provide support to families. We value children’s ability to express themselves.

Exploring and appreciating nature, through the changing seasons. We spend lots of time outside and go on frequent trips. We also emphasize the various ways we can protect the environment.

Learning through play and real experiences. Research shows that this is how young children learn best, and we wish to provide an enjoyable start to education. We can assist children in developing personal and social skills through cooperating together. And we emphasize experiences outside the classroom, especially for the older children, who take frequent excursions to concerts, parks, and museums.

Treating each child as an individual with unique qualities and needs. We get to know each child very well and respond to his or her developmental needs and interests. 

Creativity and experimenting. Part of valuing the individual means allowing for imagination and unique ways of doing things. We provide structured time for arts and crafts as well as time for open-ended projects.

Partnering with parents, acknowledging them to be their child’s first and most important educators. We value strong communication with parents, identifying progress and defining next steps. 

Fundamentals of democracy. We actively promote individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those who are different. We interpret this with regard to the age of our very young children as meaning that the children learn right from wrong, learn to take turns and share, to respect others and value the thoughts and opinions of others.