How to celebrate International Children’s Day?

Every year, on 1st June, International Children’s Day is celebrated to raise awareness of children’s rights and needs. It reminds us that children are our future and we must take care of their well-being. Various cultural, sports and entertainment events take place, but many families prefer domestic events. Are you thinking about a gift and what interesting activity to come up with?

How and when is it celebrated in the world

Today, Children’s Day can be found in the calendar of more than 145 countries around the world. Some countries left the date of the celebrations at the beginning of June, others moved the date of the celebrations to November (as recommended by the UN), and other countries have different dates due to their historical connotations.

It is celebrated in the Czech Republic and other post-socialist countries on June 1 (which is on Tuesday in 2021), as well as in China, Mongolia and other Southeast Asian countries.

How is it celebrated in the Czech Republic?

In the Czech Republic, this day is a very traditional celebration and in each city you can find some form of public celebration, which takes the form of a day full of games and competitions. In schools, they usually do not test or learn and events, trips or sports days are prepared for children. “Organized” celebrations also often take place over several days, so you can celebrate Children’s Day on the last weekend in May or, conversely, on the second weekend in June. However, many families prefer a home or family celebration, or celebrate with their friends. Parents buy their children small sweets or small gifts and, of course, prepare a non-traditional program, either in the form of trips and games or organize picnics and celebrations with friends.

What to do?

The children themselves do not care if this day is written on the calendar as an important day, what is its history and how long it is officially celebrated. For them, Children’s Day is a day spent with family, friends or classmates, a day full of fun, interesting activities and small gifts. It is up to us adults to prepare them such a day and enjoy it with them.

Sometimes we adults don’t even realize the value of the time we spend with our children. Let’s not forget that! We can visit one of the events taking place in Prague, organize a great day on your own, or combine both options. And of course we should not forget a little gift that belongs to such a day. It can be an ice cream, a book we buy – or rather read for them, a toy we play with together, or an experience we’ll talk about after.

The message of this day is the idea that all children have a happy childhood, a safe home and good parents. This is also the reason why charities also organize their events on this day, so if you come across such an event while wandering through Prague, do not hesitate and join. Not only are they well organized, but you will also help those children who were not as lucky as ours.

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