TIELC curriculum includes programmes that develop all children’s corporal, mental, and emotional aspects. The resource lessons are instructor guided where teachers follow a lesson plan that takes into consideration the interests of the child and is geared towards specific goals. This means that children will be exposed to activities that allow them to fulfill a learning objective based on their developmental stage.

*For full-day payers all resource lessons are included in the tuition.



Our swimming lessons are held in cooperation with the YMCA Swimming Pool that is located next to the school building and has all the necessary equipment and professional swimming instructors. The H&S standards of the pool are excellent; the children are accompanied by two members of staff and monitored throughout the lesson.

Monday 08.40 – 10.40
Available for children aged from 3,5.
Lessons are taught in English.
Half year fee: 2000 Czk.



Children who attend music lessons become more perceptive and sensitive to the beauty of the world that surrounds them. They are able to feel and hear more and live through a wider range of aesthetic experiences than children who are not exposed to music education.

Although we do not hold formal music lessons at Preschool Florentinum, those who wish to learn how to sing professionally or play a music instrument in the future, will find many useful tips during our music lessons. Our teachers develop kids‘ “ear for music“, show them musical intruments that the children can try playing and help them reveal their music potential as singers and composers. Our kids also sing in choir led by our teacher, which, undoubtedly, helps them open up in public and learn how to collaborate in a team.

Tuesday 14.30 – 16.00
Available for children aged 3 to 6.


Health and fitness

Preschool Florentinum runs a specially designed programme that allows children to learn the basic rules of such games as basketball, dodgeball, and handball. Our Sports Coordinator, teaches children twice a week at our playground equipped with a high quality surface layer.

Wednesday 14.30 – 16.00
Available for children aged 3 to 6.
Lessons are taught in English.


Music and dance

Dancing is more than just fun. It help little children to release the stress, which is very improtant, since children just as adults may accomulate negative emotions during the day and have to learn how to get rid of them in a right way. When dancing, kids learn how to catch the music rythm, follow the music and express their feelings through motion. Finally, regular dance lessons form beautiful gait and correct posture.

Dance is such a non-traumatic activity that we recommend it to all children who are three years old or older. We hold ballet lessons twice a week led by Katarina Knocikova, graduate of the Dance Academy and a talented teacher. When kids dance together they find it easier to communicate with one another and become closer to one another thanks to the relaxing atmosphere of the classroom, fun and the great job that the teacher does.

Thursday 14.30 – 16.30
Available for children aged 3 to 6.


Art and crafts

Art lessons are a great opportunity for children to express themselves and develop their creativity by providing visual, tactile and sensory experiences. They will explore many artistic mediums such as clay, sand, even wax.

The principle of these lessons is to set no limits to children’s imagination, encouraging them to bring to life their creative ideas. Children will also learn to appreciate art and its history and learn how to make thoughtful judgements and aesthetic decisions through a specially designed programme of study.

Friday 14.30 – 16.30
Available for children aged 4 to 6.
Lessons are taught in English.


Sport Club

Sport Clubs are not for boys only! We invite all children who turned 3 to join our little team.

Daily 09.20 – 10.00
Available for children aged 3 to 6.
Lessons are taught in English.